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930 Series Puck Lock with Stepped Back and Hardened Steel Body 93001

930 Series Hidden Shackle Puck Lock, Keyed. Boron alloy shackle. 930SFIC & 930KIK Housings only; cores are not included. Rekeyable 5-pin cylinder with spool pins.

936/937 Series Heavy-Duty Round Body Padlock 93701

936 | 937 Series Hardened, Heavy-Duty Round Body Padlock, 2" Shackle. Keyed 936/937 in the popular American ? AM3 Keyway. Molybdenum alloy shackle. Dual ball-bearing locking mechanism.Includes optional key retaining hardware.

960 Series Over the Door Security Box with Key Storage 96009

960 Series dial Combination Security Box, Over-the Door. Convenient, easy-to-set and reset combination. Select who can access your property by placing keys in locked box and sharing padlock combination. Holds door or car keys, cavity size (1" x 2.75" x 2.

622 Series Weather Resistant Cam Lock 62207

Weather- resistant, five tumbler cam lock; Two reversible keys included; 200 key codes; Two key pulls

Padlockable Polished Stainless Handle 5655-SSX-10

Padlockable polished stainless handle with .219 diameter mounting holes. 5/16" square shank. Shank length 3.24".

Key-Locking Recessed D-Handle 9000-SS-32

Key-locking recessed D-Handle.
Handle has a 5.16" diameter square shank.
Polished stainless steel receptacle and black handle.
The D-ring handle can be assembled to the 106 or 206 series slam latch.
Complies with FMVSS 206 standards when assembled with 206 series slam latch and 206-15 striker.

3-Point Heavy Duty Lock Assembly 5624-U-25

3-point heavy duty lock assembly. Shipped with two 54.5" rods with hole on one and dead bolts. Zinc finish. Used with 5624-SS52 or 5624-52 handle. Ordered separately. (1-2 week lead time if no stock)

28500-J201-03 | Evolution T-handle - Single Point - IP66

Single-point, Key-locking, Evolution-compression-T-handle. IP66 Rated. Keyed-J201, black and-chrome-finish. O-ring-gasket.

8-240-R-54 Right hand

Dual stage mini rotary latch, right hand


Six-lobe striker assembly


3-pt t-handle assbly w/roller 50/bx

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