Storage & Enclosures Applications

Eberhard's engineers understand how important it is for you to have secure locking mechanisms for your signal enclosures, control boxes, and more. We provide high-quality applications that are easy to use and fit all standard requirements. To learn more about what we can do for you, check out our storage and enclosure system capabilities below.

Signal Enclosures

Our solutions for outdoor enclosures range from standard solutions that meet NEMA, IP, UL, DOT, CE and RFI / EMI specifications. We also offer engineered solutions that go beyond mechanical locks. Today we also design and build electromechanical solutions based on the market preferred wireless technology. These devices can offer full audit trail capabilities, remote sensing and remote actuation.

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Tool Boxes

Our locking solutions for Garage Tool Boxes feature drawer slides and cam locks. To see what we can offer you, please browse our high-quality products.

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Intelligent Locker Systems

Eberhard is excited to offer electronic access solutions for remote storage applications requiring higher levels of security and traceability. To see our list of products you need, please check out our list.

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Control + Electrical Boxes

Indoor enclosures designed to shield and protect sensitive or dangerous operations.

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Outdoor Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures used to shield and protect operations for electrical delivery and signal controls.

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