Vehicle Applications


28500-J201-03 | Evolution T-handle - Single Point - IP66

  • Single-point, Key-locking, Evolution-compression-T-handle.
  • IP66 Rated.
  • Black and-chrome-finish. O-ring-gasket.
  • Keyed-J201.

Locking-Inside Release Latch 21000-PKL-42

Locking-inside release latch. Black textured receptacle and black handle. Driver side. A power lock switch can be ordered separately.

Non-Locking Inside Release Latch 21000-PKNR-35

Non-Locking inside release latch. Black textured receptacle and chrome handle. Driver-side. ?(14-16 week lead time if no stock)

Ergonomic Pull Latch 11-21100-210C-03

Chrome, non-locking. Water resistant design. Ergonomic E-Grabber Latch, Pull to Open, Water Resistant, Two-point handle mechanism.


Six-lobe striker assembly

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