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July 17, 2019

Outdoor Retailer 2019 Trendspotting | Eberhard

With Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2019 in Denver, Colorado having wrapped up just about a month ago, we asked our staff to reflect on their experiences there. If you missed part one of our wrap-up, where we heard from our staff on the ground about their overall experiences, you can CLICK HERE.

Below, we hear from Kellie Fry, our Channel Manager, Strategic & Digital Accounts. She wrote specifically about the TRENDS she witnessed at Outdoor Retailer. Below that, we detail the products and technology we had on hand for event-goers to interact with and learn more about.



The Outdoor Retailer Show not only provided an opportunity to check out new products but also to discover new brands. It gave industry experts the platform to discuss overarching trends in the outdoors community. There was an increase in biking popularity, particularly e-biking was a regular topic of conversation. In the United States, the e-bike increased a whopping 79% in 2018; and is expecting to continue to grow. Technological advancements have allowed e-bikes to become more lightweight than ever before, a popular model clocking in at just 29lb, making them convenient for commuters and adventurers alike.


Sustainability was another key trend, touching nearly every product category. Companies utilizing recycled and eco-friendly materials whenever possible was a common theme. Many clothes and textile companies boasted natural and non-toxic dyes, while others focused on waste avoidance practices. To further drive home the green messaging, several brands included messaging about planting trees or donating a portion of their profits to environmentally-focused nonprofits and NOGs.

Finally, ultra-light performance took center stage as a critical attribute for many new products and technologies. Brands attributed smarter designs, advanced technology, and immaterial protection to be able to cut weight off everything from running shoes to tents to kayaks. The focus on ultra-lightweight design pays tribute to the nomadic lifestyle and minimalist motivation of an increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts.


Featured Products:

  • Swift Fox Roof Top Clamp
    • Universal Clamp for Rooftop tents.
    • Compatible with extruded Rail on Vehicle Tents.
    • Allows users to quickly take their tent on and off of their care.
    • Compatible with a broad range of OEM and Aftermarket Roof Bars
    • Can be used a quick release for other products
      • Ladders
      • Shovels
      • Kayak Racks
  • Prototype Steel Gator U-lock
    • Core Removable Steel Gator U-Lock for urban cyclists
  • Prototype Hedgehog Hitch pin
    • Core Removable Hedgehog Hitch Pin

Technology Displayed

  • Electro-Mechanical Locks
    • Locking Systems tied to Vehicles existing locking system to mirror locking and unlocking.
    • Mechanical locking, Key can be used to override
  • Blue Tooth Locking
    • Operate your locking system with your phone
  • Core Removable Locking Systems
    • Lock Cores can be removed and replaced to allow customers to use one key across many products
    • In addition to ILC product line of Core Removable Locks, we provide expert engineering and design services for others in the industry to utilize a keyed alike system
  • Blade Key Concepts
    • ILC continues to drive user experience

Thanks again to our staff for their write-ups and reviews of the event. We can't wait to go back again next year! If you are interested in finding out more about the above-mentioned products and technology, contact us today!