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July 17, 2019

Outdoor Retailer 2019: Wrap Up

It's hard for us to believe that Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2019 in Denver, Colorado wrapped up a month ago! We had a fantastic experience AGAIN this year and wanted to share some of what we saw and learned with you in a two-part blog series!

Below, we have accounts from three of our staff who were on the ground at Outdoor Retailer: Jurate, Bob, and Bob! 

Jurate M.

A day before the Outdoor Retailer started, ILC attended the official "Demo Experience" at Chatfield Park Beach. At this event, you could try various products that would be presented later in the week at the show. We got to try foldable kayaks, paddleboards, ElliptiGo bicycles, Quiet Kat electric bicycles, hammocks and more. It was a super fun day!

ILC also sponsored the "Thrive Outside Give Back Bash," powered by the Outdoor Foundation. Alongside a ton of folks, we engaged in an evening of fun and inspiration that supported collective action to get kids and families into the outdoors. We painted a giant Colorado landscape picture, took funny pictures in a photo booth, and participated in lots of other activities. The event raised $125,000 for Thrive Outside Community Initiative.

Bob G.:

As an outdoor enthusiast, I am blown away by the sheer number of high-quality products and companies dedicated to improving outdoor experiences. This industry is unique in that the people who work in the industry have a genuine commitment to sustainability. They truly walk the walk. Evidenced by the drinking water stations and free reusable water bottles given to each show participant, waste management receptacles for recycling, and companies marketing their commitment to sustainability. My favorite stops at the show, besides the ridiculously good health food trucks, was visiting the satellite displays where I could view real product applications. These showcases helped me appreciate the benefits of these companies products. As an example, seeing a Tepui rooftop tent on a vehicle all decked out ready for the next adventure. Another advantage of this show is ILC can see a large number of our customers and get feedback on products from OEM manufacturers and retailers. This feedback has allowed ILC to develop innovative access security products that end-users value consistently.

Bob K.:

The atmosphere at Outdoor Retailer was super casual and very "granolish." My impression of the more significant showcases like Pelican boats was more like a "Wow" factor! These are seriously focused companies, and they liked hearing what customers had to say. The majority of people I talked with were involved in the sales and marketing side of the businesses. Some were owners who were very proud of the products they presented at the show. Endless backpack companies offered the newest lightweight fabrics. I liked the dry bags for keeping your expensive camera gear, electronics, etc. dry and safe. Most every exhibitor was offering a product that fits in a healthy and active lifestyle. From power bars to super healthy drinks, there were many choices to pick and try.

From start to end; there was an unlimited amount of products for any and every outdoor activity. The products represented provided an enjoyable event for friends and family. A few that stood out were the kayak companies and the new camper tops designed for mounting on top of a vehicle. I've never seen so many shoe companies under one roof. The products were very cool!

Thanks to everyone who attended Outdoor Retailer this year and came by our booth to speak to us!