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November 25, 2019

It’s 4:36, Do You Know Where Your Padlocks Are?

At Eberhard, security is the name of our game and is the first mission of our company.

When our roots first started to grow, we focused on developing products to help establish security barriers for vending and arcade applications. That was in the early 20th Century, and now, our state-of-the-art solutions include end markets such as Aerospace, Computers, Vehicle Accessories, and much, much more. If the forefathers of these access hardware technologies could only see what they are protecting now, their powder wigs would blow off!

We're just joking, of course. Powder wigs went out of style in 1795. Everyone knows that.

What everyone else knows is that security needs amongst all of these industries mentioned above, and many more, remain the same. Sure, the valuables needing protection and means that thieves can utilize to get to the goods do evolve, but at the end of the day: locks are a deterrent and security device that we all use and need.

One of the most universally utilized, and dare we say, ICONIC products in our current repertoire are the Sesamee 436 and 437 Series Combination Padlocks. These locks, which first appeared in 1926, have stood the test of time because they efficiently protect your stuff.

With both industrial and commercial usages, such as utility or cable boxes, tool chests, boxes or cribs, lockers, and more- you have more than likely used this revolutionary lock at home, school, or work at SOME point in your life. 

The lock features a convenient and easy-to-set four-digit combination dial on its bottom, which can result in over 10,000 possible unlock combinations! It boasts an all-brass exterior, and unlike many of our competitors who choose inferior zinc for their applications, Sesamee 436 and 437 goes all-in on brass for the interior as well. 

This brass interior of the lock is especially essential when it comes to using them in inclement weather. Brass is more resilient to the elements compared to zinc and is exceptionally resistant to corrosion. The brass bottom line: don't accept the inferior material!

Besides those points, the Sesamee 436 and 437 maintain a robust heel and toe lever locking system, with hardened steel, chrome-plated shackles. For those who are new to class, the shackle is the upside-down "U" piece that fits into the body of the lock. The 436 features a 1" shackle clearance, where the 437 stretches to 2.25", for those circumstances where a little more room is needed. All of the 436 and 437 Sesamee Brass Padlocks include a resetting tool as well; for those unfortunate moments that you forget your wedding anniversary and can't get into the shed in the backyard.

All and all, Sesamee 436 +437 4-Dial Brass Combination Padlocks are a thing of protective brilliance and beauty. But don't take our word for it! From now until the end of the year, both are available at a DISCOUNT on our Official AMAZON STORE! Get your hands on one for your holiday and New Year's security needs and experience their power for yourself!