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September 09, 2019

Pulp Friction...Control Hinges

It is often the unseen, unnoticed, and under-appreciated innovations that make the most significant impact in our lives. Think about it: from the atoms and molecules that are the building blocks of everything we know, to the nuts and bolts holding our cars and homes together, to our computer operating systems doing thousands of micro-calculations and tasks in the background just as you read this. Unless you work daily alongside these examples, everyday people will most likely forget about them. What no one can forget, however, is even though they are all so different in what they do and are capable of, they serve a greater whole all the same.

And while they may not be as essential as atoms, molecules or operating systems, we like to consider position control hinges, or friction hinges, as one of those often overlooked, yet invaluably integral components that hold together and innovate products in so many different industries.

Where do I use friction control hinges, and what is their value?

The most common place you will find friction hinges is on your laptop computer screen. These are the pieces that allow for you to open and close, sometimes even slam shut, your laptop. They have a preset torque enabling the user to maneuver said screen in a variety of positions.

The constant torque is pre-set at the factory and adds a "richness" to the feel of the position control hinge. You won’t find any grinding, unwanted locking up, or creaking, like the rusted door of an old cabin in the woods, from these zinc alloy hinges.

Besides computer screens, friction hinges are an essential part of a multitude of items, many of which you can find in your home or office if you look. From vehicle and aerospace seating headrests to medical device viewing screens, multi-positional desk lighting, and even some cabinets or cupboards: positional control hinges make everyday operations like opening, closing, and positioning hinged items easy as can be.

We are a leading manufacturer of position control hinges worldwide, offers these fantastic pieces of technology in both 2 inch and 1.5-inch sizes. With 270-degree rotation, increased haptics, long cycle life, and zero maintenance required: our friction hinges are the perfect choice for your industry's custom-engineered application!

For more information on friction control hinges, to get a sample, or to see how we can customize a position control hinge as a part of your next solution, contact us!