POS Systems Applications

At Eberhard, our engineers understand how important it is for you to have secure locking mechanisms for your POS systems. We provide high-quality applications that are easy to use and fit all standard requirements. To learn more about what we can do for you, check out our POS system capabilities below.


Our engineers design our locking systems to meet all specifications and requirements to ensure we provide UL rated locks. We offer compression latch or locking compression latch solutions.

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For the gaming industry, we provide innovative SFIC lock cores with a specific style of interchangeable core systems. Learn more about our gaming solutions by selecting an application below:

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Gas Pumps

We provide security on receipt doors, and lower doors (hydraulic security) at the access point of the pump. Our mechanical locks for the direct point entry security at the pump protecting cash containment systems as well as hydraulic systems.

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Vending Machines

Our locking system options for Vending Machines include locking t-handles and tubular locks. Learn more about our vending locking solutions.

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