Grab Handles

Open Drawers, Compartments, and More with the Right Grab Handle

Knobs and latches are a great choice if you want to make sure that a door or drawer stays shut, but what if you have a swinging door, compartment, or drawer that doesn’t require quite as much fuss? Grab handles provide the perfect solution.
Eberhard is a leading grab handle producer and supplier. We offer many different grab handles options to choose from, ensuring there’s one that will work for you. Choose from small twist grab handles too long, heavy duty grab handles that are made of die-cast materials, steel, or stamped steel that is enhanced with molded material.

  • Bus grab handles
  • Automotive grab bars
  • Heavy duty grab handles
  • Automotive grab handles
  • Vehicle grab handles
  • Grab handle slam latches
  • and more.

Grab handles that enhance any drawer or door

There’s no question that the grab handles from Eberhard are functional and sturdy, but they’re aesthetically pleasing as well. We offer a wide range of grab handles with finishes, heights, and lengths that will enhance the exterior of your drawers, containers, and doors.

Not sure which grab handles would be best for your application? Or maybe we don’t have what you’re looking for? We can help! Because of we’ve been in business for over 130 years, we’re able to provide our clients with expert recommendations. If it turns out we don’t offer a grab handle that would work for you, our engineering and design department can help you design and manufacture a custom piece of hardware.

16838 Series Grab Handle

16838 Series

Grab handle with blind mounting and threaded shank.

16841 Series

16841 Series

Grab handle with blind mounting.

4300 Series Grab Handle

349F248 / 349F258 Series

Stamped grab handle.

4300 Series Grab Handle

4300 Series

Grab handle

4302/ 4303 Series Grab Handle

4302 / 4303 Series

Grab handle with metal insert.

4304 Series Grab Handle

4304 Series

Die cast grab handle.

4305 Series Grab Handle

4305 Series

Die cast grab handle.


4312 Series

Molded grab handle

6300 Series Grab Handle

6300 Series

Grab handle

9605 Series Grab Handle

9605 Series

Grab handle

9611 Series Grab Handle

9611 Series

Grab handle