Footman Loops

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Eberhard purchased footman loops product from the FA Neider Company a few years ago and now produces these parts in carbon steel with a variety of finish options and stainless steel in a bright tumbled finish. All different lengths, heights, and mounting patterns are available to fit your specific application. Footman loops are popular to use to hold straps, webbing, and other materials.

118 Series Footman Loop

118 Series

Total length 2.67"

2.79” Footman Loop

138 Series

Oveall length 2.79"

158 Series Footman Loop

158 Series

Overall length 3.17"

218 Series Footman Loop

218 Series

Overall length 3.64"

Footman Loop with Flat Ends

500875 Series

Flat ends.

518-NP Series

Overall lenght 2.67 with .31 dia wire, no holes.

549637 Series Footman Loop

549637 Series

Flat ends.

6410 / 6411 series

Carbon steel, zinc plated.

6411 Series

Stainless steel.

BACL20A Series

BACL20A Series

.225 dia countersunk holes.

MS51939 Series

MS51939 Series

.21 dia countersunk holes.