Product No. 2525-58-19

This is a  48" dual rod design for strength commonly used with the Eberhard 4-2525 series roller lock package, (purchased separately.)  This is a close up picture of the handle with the end that includes the hole and shows how the rod is made dual, with the welds.  The other side of the rod has both rods, squared end, and no hole. This rod can be used with our 4-2525-50R or 4-2525-50L center case, and the 4-2525-52U-19 slide bolt sub assembly.  Outside handles available separately for purchase are AS1-2524 and AS2-2524.  Inside handles WITHOUT the emergency release option are the AL-2525-19 or A22-2525-19.  Inside handles WITH the emergency release feature are AL4-2525-19 or AL5-2525-19.  The emergency release pin part number is the 2525-55X-01, all available separately for purchase.  Please call our Sales department with further questions 440-238-9720.