Product No. 106-U-45

 It is a NON-FMVSS206 locking compartment slam lock assembly with four .26" dia mounting holes. The 106-U-45 represents both 106-45 slam lock and 206-15 striker.  Please order parts individually, not for sale on web as a kit. (Only 106-45 slam lock is pictured here.)


Product Variations

1-106-U Slam latch center case with .31" square hole and striker. View Drawing
10-106-UR Right hand center case with horizontal handle attached to center case and striker. View Drawing
106-45 Center case only with .31" square hole. View Drawing
3-106-U Center case with .31" square hole and small striker. View Drawing
6-106-U Center case with .31" sq hole, two tapped holes for inside handle and headed striker. View Drawing
9A-106-U Center case with four countersunk mounting holes, fluorescent striker and latches. View Drawing