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TH-20-S-0185 Position Control Hinge

1.5 Inch Position Control Hinge, 1.8 Nm Torque

Additional Product Information

Rotation Color Market Symmetric Torque Value (Nm) Cycles Axial Loading Force
270 Black Medical, Aerospace, Kisok 1.8 20,000+ 160N


  • Constant torque and smooth rotation for the following applications: Vehicular, Aerospace, Seating Medical, Electronics, Kiosks
  • Medium size hinge
  • Long cycle life, zero maintenance
  • Zinc alloy material with black paint finish
  • 20,000+ cycles (+/- 20% of static torque value)
  • 270° rotation
  • Maximum radial load of 155 N (35lbf)
  • Maximum axial load of 155 N (35lbf)