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C-Box Controller (Central Locking Box)

Power Specification

  • 12V DC operation (9-16VDC Range) 20 mA standy
  • Constant Power Source. such as vehicle/machine power required
  • .25W standby. Up to 360W Max
  • Up to 30A output


  • Disectrete Wired
  • LED indicators for operation status


  • 1 Ouput (up to 30A)
  • Multiple Devices in parallel to output
  • Normally open relay
  • 12VDC (+/- 10%)
  • Max Amp Draw (30A Peak)
  • Output Operational Timing Sequence
  • 300 ms pulse
  • Link Multiple C-Boxes together (Up to 6)
  • 12VDC/GND
  • Unlock/Lock Signals


1 x input switch (100mA pulled to ground) with LED light output option (100mA)

2 x Input signals (High 12VDC)

  • Unlock
  • Lock

Material Specifications

  • ABS Plastic


  • -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius (-22° to 176°F) ~95% RH


  • Requires an unlock/lock action to activate system #40;Default#41;
  • Allows for always on system #40;no unlock or lock pulse required#41;


  • Allows for secondary action (push button or switch)
  • Works with any Non-Latching Eberhard ES Devices
  • Option for multiple discrete input to output with linked C-Box controllers.
  • Example: release individual windows on truck cap with separate push buttons.

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