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EM Linear Power Actuator


Electronic Power-Up actuator with thermal protection to prevent motor burnout. Used with 1-16720-50PK-01 control module and harness.
  • Universal thru mounting holes.
  • Electric Actuator used with Power up series to lock and un-lock doors automatically.
Power Specifications
  • Voltage: 12V nominal, 9-16V range.
  • Full Load Current:<2A>
Actuation Specifications
  • Actuating Force: 4.5kgs.
  • Actuation Travel: 21mm.
  • Operation: FWD polarity 500mS, REV polarity 500mS.
  • Housing: ABS, black.
  • Plunger: POM, white.
Environmental Specifications
  • Endurance (Up and Down): >/= 30,000 times.
  • Stroke: 21mm.
  • Operating Temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.
Wiring Options
  • Bullet connectors, bare wire, 18 gauge.
  • CE, IPX3

Additional Product Information

Use Color Hole Diameter Size
Electronic Latching Black 0.13 5.11