All Your Truck Hooks in One Place

Think you don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to truck hooks? That’s because you haven’t shopped the wide array of hook options at Eberhard!
Not only are we a supplier, we also manufacture a wide variety of metal truck hooks in different sizes. They’re all available with or without mounting holes, and they come in many different finishes. In addition, they are available in aluminum or steel with zinc plating, ensuring that you’re able to choose a hook that can hold up to whatever your application demands.

Truck hooks manufacturers that understand hardware

Our truck hooks suppliers understand everything hardware because we have over 130 years of experience! Throughout the decades, we’ve been able to design over 10,000 hardware products, so you can trust that we have the right truck hooks for you.
Shop designs that are perfect for hanging ropes, tools, and other miscellaneous items inside compartments, enclosures, trucks, and trailers of all sizes.

Not only can you shop online, you can request a catalog. If you need help figuring out which hook is right for your particular application, contact us. We can even help you design custom truck hooks!


164 series

Hook with overall height of 3.81".


166 Series

Hook with or without ball end.


7462 Series