Slam Bolts

There are two ways to manufacture slam bolts; Eberhard offers our customers both options. If you are looking for a Clean looking part for appearance in your application or if you are more concerned about the corrosion the part could receive in your application, Eberhard can manufacture either version for you with different lb springs, mounting patterns, and finger pulls.

2525 Series Striker

2525 Series

Roller end bolt.

4597 Series Slam Bolts

4597 Series

Nylon slam bolt with e-coated housing.

4968 series

4968 Series

Slam bolt with flush end bolt, attachment bolt.

5597 Series Slam Bolt

5597 Series

Slam bolt with .50" bolt, zinc plated.

5598 Series

Slam bolt with extended 4" finger pull.

565692 Series Slam Bolt

565692 Series

Heavy duty slam bolt with tapered bolt and finger pull.

565694 Series Striker

565694 Series

Slam bolt with tapered bolt.

565697 Series

Heavy duty slam bolt with finger pull.

565699 Series

Slam bolt with offset bolt.