Seats/Ladder Brackets

Buy High Quality Ladder Brackets

Eberhard produces single or dual seat arms made from malleable iron castings. Customers have the option to buy a complete seat or just the arms for your application. Different mounting patterns are available and some meet FMVSS302 requirements. A ladder holder is also produced by Eberhard that can be used on our truck roof to secure an extension ladder. Spring action design, malleable iron material, and easy release design.

193 Series Ladder Rack Latch

193 Series

Ladder rack assembly with stainless spring.

5370 Series

5370 Series

Single seat arm, spring loaded. Overall length 12.81".

5378 Series Seat Bracket

5378 Series

Dual arm seat bracket with black finish.

5380 Series Seat

5380 Series

Complete seat system with dual arm bracket and cushion.

6068 Series Ladder Rack

6068 Series

Ladder rack assembly with release handle.