Rotaries / Strikers

Eberhard has been producing rotary latches for years and we consider ourselves experts. We manufacture rotaries in all sizes to fit your application and they are all available in different finishes, # of stages, mounting patterns, FMVSS 206 rated (See Passenger Restaint Latch), thicknesses, or lever arm configurations. Eberhard will help you find the perfect rotary for your application or help you design something that will work in your application.

106/ 107/ 108 Series Strikers

106 /107 /108 Series Strikers

Strikers with or without heads.

106 Series Compartment Latch

106 Series

Compartment slam latch with .31" square hole.

107/ 108 Series Compartment Latches

107 / 108 Series

Compartment latches with remote lever/s and .31" square hole.

140 Series Micro Rotary Latch

140 Series

Single stage micro rotary latch with mounting plate.

16592 Series

Rotary Bracket only.

16642 Series Headless Striker

16642 Series

Headless striker with .55" dia.

16645 Series Adjustable Striker

16645 Series

Adjustable striker with .37" dia.


16896 Series

Dual stage rotary latch, uses .63" dia striker. Does NOT meet FMVSS 206.


17400 Series

Dual stage rotary latch.

200 Series Rotary Latch

200 Series

Light duty single stage rotary latch.

220 Series

Dual stage rotary latch, uses .25" dia striker pin.

230/ 231 Series Rotary Latches

230 / 231 Series

Single and dual stage rotary latches with mounting brackets.

240/ 241 Series Rotary Latches

240 / 241 Series

Single and dual stage rotary latches.


240 Series strikers

Strikers with .37" dia.

242 Series Rotary Latch

242 Series

Dual stage rotary latch with extended arm for rod adaptors adn 12" of free travel.

243 Series Rotary Latch

243 Series

Rotary Latch, single stage with case hardened parts.


245 Series

Single stage rotary latch with wide pawls.

247 Series Rotary Latch

247 Series

Single stage rotary latch with three mounting holes.

248 Series

Mini rotary, dual stage with bumper.

260 Series Rotary Latch

260 Series

Multi-stage rotary latch with dual lever arm.

300 Series Rotary Latch

300 Series

Dual stage rotary latch with side release and mounting plate.

475 Series Strikers

475 Series strikers

Strikers with .50" dia.

561 Series Slam Latch

561 Series

Slam Latch with spring loaded plunger, 100 lb rating.

5619 Series Striker

5619 Series

Striker with primary and secondary catch.

5620 Series Striker

5620 Series

Striker catch with .56" height.

563 Series Slam Latch

563 Series

Slam latch with spring loaded plunger, 750 lb max load.

7950 Series

Striker .50" hex and .25" dia.

Striker Components

Available in different materials, with and without holes.


Strikers for the EMC Line of rotaries

Striker pins with .63" dia, multiple mounting bracket options.