Rods / Adapters

Enhance the Functionality of Your Hardware with Rods Adapters

It’s important to think carefully about the types of handles and pulls you choose for your doors, but it’s the hardware, working behind the scenes, that can make or break the functionality of the final installation. That’s where Eberhard’s rods and rod adapters come in.
We produce rods that come in different lengths. Designs include offset rods, coined areas, channel styles with nylon rollers, and more. If none of our existing rods will work with your particular application, just let us know. Our engineering and design experts would be happy to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Rod Adapters that pair perfectly with any rod

Not only do we manufacture and supply many different rod styles, Eberhard also produces rod adapters in different sizes. Each of our adapters is specially designed to connect your door handles to other components in your door system, like rotaries or slam bolts, providing you with a seamless installation.
Take some time to browse our online catalog, and then place your order. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to design custom rod adapters, just let us know! We love helping customers just like you find the perfect hardware.

16556 Series Rod

16556 Series

.16" dia round rod with bend on one side, threads on the other.

16560 Series

Adjustable rods.

16619 Series Rod

16619 Series

Die cast rod adapters with top or bottom set screw.

16682 Series Rod

16682 Series

.16" dia round rod with bend.

16772 Series Roller

16722 Series

Nylon rollers that fits on round or square .31" rod.

16771 Series

.31" dia round rod with offset, coined area, and nylon rollers.

16832 Series Rod

16832 Series

.31" dia round rod with offset and nylon roller.

2500 Series

2500 Series

Channel rod with nylon rollers.

2525 series

Dual rod design for added strength.

560 Series

Rod guide for .31" dia round rod.

5611 Series Rod

5611 Series

.31" dia rods with coined area.

5631 Series

.25" flat rod with offset.

5646 Series Rod

5646 series

.38" dia round rod with offset and coined area.

5646-54 Series Rod

5646-54 Series

Rod guide for .375" dia round rod.

5658 Series

.19" thick flat rod with offset.

6902 Series Rod

6902 Series

.375" dia round rods with coined area.