Quarter Turns Latch

Best Quality Quarter Turn Latches & Handles

Not all applications require complicated locks. Sometimes, a simpler, more streamlined solution is the perfect answer. A quarter turn latch is a simple and inexpensive way to keep small doors and lids closed, without the need to fuss with a complex locking system.
We offer a catalog that includes varieties like:

  • A quarter turn spring latch
  • A quarter turn cam latch
  • Quarter turn handles
  • A quarter turn lock
  • Quarter turn door latches
  • And more

Quarter turn cam latches that are designed with detail in mind

With over a century of experience in hardware, we understand how important every little detail is to your cam latch. That’s why you can choose a quarter turn cam lock in different handle styles, and with tool operated heads when you shop at Eberhard. Most of our quarter turn latches are produced from die cast materials, with a few exceptions. Self-adjusting options are also available on some of our popular models.
We understand that our current catalog of quarter turn handles and latches may not fit every application, which is why our engineering and design department is happy to partner with you to create a custom lock, latch, or handle to your exact specifications.

Take the time to browse our catalog of quarter turn cam latch, quarter turn lock, quarter turn door latches, cam latches, quarter turn latch and more. Then, place your order online or contact us with your questions. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect quarter turn spring latch! Spring Latches

Following are the Different Types of Quarter Turn Latches:

16950 Series

Available in a welded or riveted version.

401 Series Quarter Turn

401 Series

Self adjusting quarter turn with slotted head.

501 Series Quarter Turn

501 Series

Self adjusting quarter turn uses special tool.

502 Series Quarter Series

502 Series

Quarter turn with fixed grip ranges that uses a special too.

503 Series Quarter Series

503 Series

Self adjusting quarter turn latch with knob.

504 Series Quarter Turn

504 Series

Quarter turn latch with knob and fixed cam.

506 Series Quarter Turn

506 Series

Bail handle quarter turn with adjustable cam.

520 Series Quarter Turn

520 Series

Quarter turn with slotted head.

521 Series Quarter Turn

521 Series

Quarter turn with hex head.

522 Series Quarter Turn

522 Series

Quarter turn with black knob.

523 Series Quarter Turn

523 Series

Quarter turn with black knob, special cut out, beveled cam.

603 Series

Quarter turn with slam bolt.

620 Series Quarter Turn

620 Series

Large quarter turn with slotted head and arrow indicator.

621 Series

Large quarter turn with hex head and arrow indicator.

623 Series

Spring back quater turn knob, non-locking.

626 Series

Quarter turn slam bolt, locking or non-locking.

630 Series Quarter Turn

630 Series

Stainless steel quarter turn with black finish on hex head.