Push Buttons

Push Button Latches

Push button latches are available in round, oval, or square designs, these are made out of die cast or plastic materials and some are available in with different rotations. Single or multi-point designs push button latch can work in a variety of applications such as: opening a toolbox lid, glove box or small compartment lids. Push button latches are available in variety of finishes with your company name or logo on it.

16784 Series Push Button

16784 Series

Large over sized multi-point push button assembly.

16884 Series Push Buttons

16884 Series

Large over sized single point push button assembly.

6000 Series

Locking push button.

Plastic Push Button

628 / 629 Series

Single point plastic push button with slam bolt.

680 Handle Series

Glow in the dark inside release handle for cable.

682 Series

Single or multi-point push button assembly.

685 Series Push Button

685 Series

Mini push button with slam hook.

860 Series

Push button installed from the inside of the box.

862 Series Push Button

862 Series

Push button with round bezel and extended button.

872 Series Push Button

872 Series

Push button with square bezel and flush button.