Pull Latches

Heavy Duty Pull Latches and Handles

Not all pull latches are created equal. If you’re searching for a pull latch that will provide you with the security and durability your application requires, browse Eberhard’s wide selection of heavy duty pull latches.
Our pull latches come in a variety of sizes and are available in single- or multi-point versions. In addition, there are many different styles of latches to choose. Our many products are produced in a die-cast, or they are metal-stamped. You can also opt for plastic pull handles. No matter what kind of pull latches you choose, each and every one offers a quick way for customers, clients, and employees to grab onto and open the latch with ease.

Locking and non-locking pull latches

Our hardware options are very popular, not only because we offer heavy duty latches, but because we offer different options in both locking and non-locking pull latches.
Both are locking and non-locking varieties are available in different sizes and shapes. They come in different finish options, like black or chrome, ensuring there’s a latch that will enhance your application with durability and style.

Has one of our plastic pull handles caught your eye? Or maybe you need a professional recommendation? Browse our pull latches and contact us for help placing your order!

Plastic Pull Handle

1030 / 1031 Series

Plastic pull handle

Pull Handle

21000 Series

Inside pull handle available in locking or non-locking.

21100 Series Pull Handle

21100 / 21101 Series

Outside pull handle assembly for vertical or horizontal mounting, multi-point.

X Large Pull Handle

31100 Series

X large outside pull handle assembly for vertical or horizontal mounting, multi-point.

485 Series Slide Latch

485 /486 Series

Slide latch.

5073 Series Two Point Pull Handle

5073 Series

Two-point pull handle with plastisol cover.