Power Lock

Buy High Quality Power Door Lock System

Eberhard offers the Power-Up and Power-Up Plus key-less power locking system, the standard design is set up to work with seven doors but extensions can purchased to work with more doors. There are harnesses, rods, screws, a brain, key fobs, and actuators that can be purchased as kits or individually. Eberhard's brain offers a Time Out feature to protect the actuators from Burning out and up to four key fobs can be used with each brain. Power switches that Eberhard also offers can be installed inside the truck cab that can be used to lock or unlock you doors.

16720 Series Power Locking

16720 Series

Power locking system that uses actuators to lock latches or handles. POWER-UP SYSTEM

16746 Series

Power switch that can be used with Eberhard's Power Up Power Locking System.

16952 Series

Low profile power actuator with wires.


Rotary latches.