Passenger Restraints

Eberhard manufactures several latches that meet the FMVSS 206 standards that are used on passenger doors. Several different size rotary latches, sliding door latches, or the Safety Slam Lock can be used in your applications. These products are available in different finishes, possible dovetail options, single or multi-point designs, and inside release options. (For non FMVSS 206 rates latches see the Rotary / Striker section.)

16906 Series Passenger Restraint

16906 Series

X large BAR rotary latch with dual stages.

16919 Series Passenger Restraint

16919 Series

Bracket and striker for the BAR style rotaries.

206 Series Passenger Restraint

206 Series

Passenger Restraint Latch.

206 Series Striker Passenger Restraint

206 Series Striker

Strikers for the 206, 207, or 208 series latches.

207 Series Passenger Restraint

207 Series

Passenger Restraint Latch with release lever.

400 Series Passenger Restraint

400 Series

Dual stage rotary latch that meets FMVSS206 requirements.

406 Series

406 Series

Zinc plated components, red cap on inside release lever.

450 Series Passenger Restraint

450 Series

Rotary Latch with side release, meets FMVSS206 requirements.

475 Series

Dual stage rotary latch with thin design, meets FMVSS 206 requirements.

476 series

476 series

Dual stage rotary latch with emergency release lever.

EMC Line of Rotaries

EMC Line of Rotaries

Dual claw rotary latches.

Striker pins

Striker pins for FMVSS rotaries

Different striker pins are available for your specific application.