Other Latches

These types of latches can be used in single or multi-point applications; examples would be twist handles, a squeeze latch or a lift-n-turn.

16843 Series

Lift N Turn



Two-point release lever.

Rotaries, strikers, and lever arm assemblies shown.

19421 series

Lever arm assembly with .25" dia or M6 mounting holes.

560 Series Squeeze Latch

560 Series

Squeeze latch, non-locking.

5697 Series  Spring Latch

5697 Series

Spring catch with .06" thick steel.

5809 Series Latch

5809 Series


6697 Series Latch

6697 Series

Spring catch with .13" thick steel.

Key Locking Twist Handle

7650 / 7652 Series

Key-locking twist handle with shank.