Miscellaneous / Clips

Eberhard can manufacture or source custom parts for you, such as clips, washers, electrical connectors, tire carriers, or other items needed for your application.

16377 Series

Plastic carb clips, used with .25" dia holes.

16817 series

Metal clip for rods.

16858 Series

16858 Series

Metal rod clip for .156" dia rod.

16960 series

16960 Series

NEMA enclosure clamp kit.



Carp clip for .27" dia hole.

4849 Series Hasp Kit

4849 Series

Single point hasp kit for 7/8" to 1" thick doors.

4968 Series Cable Pulley

4968 Series

Cable pulley.

Padlockable Latch

526 Series

Padlockable latch.

565698-5 Series

565698-5 Series

36" cable.

9967 Series

9967 Series