The Best Gaskets from the Best Gasket Manufacturing Company

Eberhard is a leading gaskets manufacturing company that offers custom gaskets for any application. Over the decades, we've been able to design and manufacture quality gaskets that last. Even the military turns to us for their hardware and gasket needs.
Our gasket manufacturing company offer a wide variety of gasket products that include:

  • Adhesive backed gaskets
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Rectangular gaskets
  • Adhesive backed rubber gaskets
  • Neoprene gaskets
  • EPDM gaskets
  • Plastic gaskets
  • Self-adhesive backed gaskets
  • And more

Many different gasket details to choose

People turn to our gasket manufacturing company because we offer so many different gasket details to choose from. Take your pick of different materials and thicknesses that can be used with our latches. No matter which one you choose, our gaskets can prevent water and moisture from damaging valuable items that are located behind doors and compartments.
Whether you're looking EPDM gaskets, a gasket made out of rubber material, loose gaskets, or adhesive backed gaskets, Eberhard has one that fits your specifications. If we don’t, just give us a call and we’ ll help you design something different. We strive to offer a superior customer experience, which means we’re dedicated to answering your questions and helping you find the perfect gaskets for all of your projects. Our gasket manufacturing company manufactures adhesive backed gaskets and adhesive gasket materials. Buy Now

Following are the Different Types of Gaskets

16431 series

Available in plastic or EPMD material.

EPDM Gasket

16553 Series

Gasket for 8004 and 8400 series t-handles.

neoprene gasket

16558 Series

Rectangular neoprene gasket.

3601 Series

Gasket for Stylized series.

4201 Series

.30" thick gasket.

4901 Series Gasket

4901 Series

Plastic and EPDM material gaskets.

8000 Series

Neoprene gasket.

8060-12 Series

Gasket for 8061 or 8062 series handles.

Gasket for 900 Series d-rings

900 Series

Gasket for mid size d-rings.

9000-10X Series

Gasket for 9000 series d-rings.

Gasket for 9001 Series d-rings

9001 Series

Gasket for 9001 series d-ring.

9600 Series Gasket

9600 Series

Hard plastic gasket.

9872 Series

EPDM Gasket