Door Handles

Industrial Door Handles

No door is complete without a handle, but that doesn’t mean you should install just any old handle. Not only can it affect the overall look of your door, it can greatly affect the security of what’s located behind the door as well. When you choose an expert hardware supplier, like Eberhard, you never have to worry about the quality of your door handles because we offer industrial door handles that offer the highest level of durability.

The perfect door handles for any commercial door

Stainless Steel Door Handles

We offer many different door handles and styles, including stainless steel door handles, or “L” handles. They come in key-locking, padlocking, and non-locking varieties, depending on your needs. The majority of our industrial door handles are made from die-cast materials, and they come in many different shapes, sizes, and rotations. Most door handles are supplied with a 5/16-inch or 5/8-inch square shank, but some are available in other sizes.

Of course, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our engineering and design team can help. We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, including the military, to create custom industrial door handles, so we can help you create the perfect stainless steel door handles for your project too. Just browse our door handles catalog, and then give us a call to tell us more about the kind of hardware you’re looking for.

16839 Series Handle

16839 Series

Smaller handle with  pad-lock and .31" sq shank.

2390 Series  Handle

2390 Series

Die cast we handle with .50" square hole, no shank.

2524 Series  Handle

2524 Series

Long outside handle with shank.

2525 Series  Handle

2525 Series

Short inside handle, less shank.

2526 Series

Recessed handle assembly with pad-lockable handle.

5560 Series

Handle with plastisol cover.

5621 Series  Handle

5621 Series

Web style handle with .32" sq hole.

5624 Series  Handle

5624 Series

Pad-lock handle with .63" sq shank.

5653 Series  Handle

5653 Series

Handle with or without shank.

5655 Series  Handle

5655 Series

Pad-lock handle with .31" sq shank.

8055 Series  Handle

8055 Series

Stamped steel pad-lockable handle with .31" sq shank.

8061/ 8062 Series  Handle

8061 / 8062 Series

Stamped steel pad-lockable handle with .31" square shank.