D-rings are a popular handle choice for customers because they are flush with the door they are installed on but usually offer a simple actuation to open the door when needed. We offer a few different sizes in our square styled-rings with options such as mounting holes, mounting studs, returns springs, or different finishes. All come with our standard large contoured handle.

Composite  D-Ring

16832 Series

Multi-point composite d-ring.

8001 Series

Small round non-locking d-ring.

900/ 901 Series D-Ring

900 / 901 Series

Multi-point mid-size d-ring.

Large Flange, Shank

9000 Series

Large d-ring with flange and .31" sq shank.

Non-Locking, Shank

9001 Series

Non-locking d-ring with .31" sq shank.

Large Flange, Single Point D-Ring

9010 / 9011 Series

Large single point d-ring with flange.

Large Flange, 2-pt D-Ring

9020 / 9021 Series

Large 2pt d-ring with flange.

3pt D-Ring

9030 / 9031 Series

Large 3pt d-ring with flange.

3pt D-Ring with Mounting Studs

9032 Series

Large 3pt d-ring with mounting studs.

3pt D-Ring with Compression

90320 Series

Large 3pt d-ring with compression feature and roller cam.

D-Rings with Return Springs

9120 / 9121 Series

Large d-rings with return springs.