Cam Type Door Locks

Leading Cam Door Lock Manufacturers

If you’re looking for a way to keep a door secure, there are tons of door lock types for you to choose from. Traditional lock and key mechanisms are popular, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for every application. Sometimes, a cam door lock is the right solution.
Here at Eberhard, we’re a leading cam door lock manufacturer. We design and create a wide range of lock rods and cam type door locks that are perfect for trailers and many different kinds of containers. We can produce finished assemblies, but we’re also happy to ship loose components. A variety of cams, keepers, handles, and other miscellaneous components are available, ensuring your hardware installation fits in seamlessly with your application.

Tweak a door cam lock to fit your needs

The easiest way to get a door cam lock is to choose one from our extensive catalog of hardware, but what if you can’t find exactly what you need?
We’re happy to take an existing design and tweak it to your specifications. Our engineering and design department will work with you to ensure that you get the perfect door lock mechanism.

No matter what your hardware questions are, you can count on us to have the answers because we have over 130 years of experience! Just contact our door lock manufacturers today and we’d be happy to help you place your order.

16857 Series

Molded handle only used with cam type door locks.

Lock Rod Assembly

1969 Series

Lock rod assembly with project less than 2". Includes bearing covers, back plates.

1971 Series

3rd point lock strap can be added to the 1974 series lock rods.

Inside Handle

1972 Series

Inside handle release for lock rods.

Lock Rod Assembly Narrow Keepers

1974 Series

Lock rod assembly, narrow keepers

Lock Rod Assembly Double Tube

1979 Series

Lock rod assembly, double-tube

Cam Type Door Locks for 1’’ Pipe

30004 Series

Cam-type door locks for .875" dia tubing.

Cam Type Door Locks for .75 Dia Pipe

30005 Series

Cam-type door locks for 1.02" dia tubing.

Straight Rod Guide

5650 Series

Straight rod guide

5654 Series

Lock rod assembly

5661 Series Cam Type Door Lock

5660 Series

Cam-type door lock, .75" tube

5663 Series

5663 Series

Cam-type door lock, return spring

7502/ 7503 Cam-Type Door Locks

7502 / 7503 Series

Cam-type door locks, offset rod guides

Cam-Type Door Locks Straight Rod Guides

7504 / 7505 Series

Cam-type door locks, straight rod guides

Cam-Type Door Locks For Side Door

7506 / 7507 Series

Cam-type door locks for side door