Product Variations

25-4975-SS51 Stainless steel, two-point, non-locking paddle latch with.17" dia mounting holes. View Drawing
25C-4974-SS51-10-510 Stainless steel two-point paddle latch, key-locking with four .17" dia mounting holes, one return spring and polished finish. View Drawing
3-4974-SS51 Stainless steel two-point paddle latch with four .17" dia mounting holes. View Drawing
3-4975-P9 Kit, four .17" dia mounting holes. View Drawing
3-4975-SS51 Stainless steel, non-locking, two-point paddle latch with four.17" dia mounting holes. View Drawing
34-4974-51X Two-point paddle latch with knob locking feature, four .21" dia mounting holes, zinc plated. View Drawing
34-4974-SS51 Two-point, polished stainless steel paddle latch with four .21" dia mounting holes, knob locking. View Drawing
43-4974-SS51 Stainless steel two-point, key-locking paddle latch with four mounting studs. (1/4" x 20" x .63") View Drawing
4974-52U-25 Slam bolt only. View Drawing
4974-P9 Kit that includes 4 assemblies.  Key-locking, two-point paddle latch with cables and slam bolts. Zinc plated View Drawing
4975-P9 Kit includes 4 systems: Non-locking two-point paddle latches, cables and end bolts, zinc plated. View Drawing