5897 Series

Heavy Duty Hinge Strap

5897 Series

Hinge strap


Stamped carbon steel or stainless|Zinc plated|Different heights available|Different dia holes available.

Product Variations

18-5897-SS1N Stainless steel hinge butt. View Drawing
19-5897-1NB Hinge butt with notch. View Drawing
26-5897-1 Hinge butt with counter sunk holes. View Drawing
29-5897-IN Hinge butt with notch. View Drawing
30-5897-1 Hinge butt with three .39" dia monting holes. View Drawing
31-5897-50 Hinge Strap View Drawing
33-5897-50 Offset hinge strap. View Drawing
5897-SS3 Stainless Steel hex hinge pin. View Drawing
5897-SS4 Stainless nut only. View Drawing
7-5897-1 Large hinge butt with notch. View Drawing
9-5897-1 Weld on hinge butt. View Drawing