8850 / 8851 Series

Locking or non-locking, rubber or stainless straps

8850 / 8851 Series

8850, non-locking, stainless strap.

8851, locking, stainless strap.

1-8850, non-locking, rubber strap.

1-8851, locking, stainless strap.


Die cast construction|Black finish|Easy grab handle|Locking or Non-locking|Rubber or Stainless steel strap.

Product Variations

1-8850-PK Non-locking draw latch with rubber strap. View Drawing
1-8851-PK Key-locking with black rubber strap and stainless steel catch. View Drawing
8850-PK Non-locking draw latch with stainless steel strap. View Drawing
8851-PK Key-locking with stainless steel strap. View Drawing