Composite Materials

Composite materials are produced by CCV or CPT, both sister companies to Eberhard Manufacturing.

CCV/CPT specializes in manufacturing composite panel systems for a wide variety of applications.  By using a unique combination of advanced technologies and processes, our team transforms the industry’s largest range of material options into composite panels assembled to our customer’s specifications.

Composite panels and panel systems offer a wide variety of benefits including reduced weight, increased strength and durability, and modular design. The end result is a product that decreases fuel costs, increases product life expectancy, and reduces assembly labor time and cost.

As a tier 1 automotive supplier, we incorporate a customer driven strategy throughout all operations to maximize the flexibility and level of service we are able to offer our customers. Our panel construction material options, fast response, cost effective production, on time deliveries, technical support and customer care make us the vendor of choice for our customers.

All of our composite panels are designed to fit our customer’s unique applications. By utilizing our experience working with a wide variety of skin and core materials, our composite panels are proven successful in applications such as trailer side walls, floors and doors, truck boxes and enclosures, doors, and shelving.