Eberhard offers a complete machine shop which includes: broaching, drilling, milling, and sawing machines. High speed CNC Machining centers (Acroloc and ARGO-Seiki with Fanuc Controls) turning up to 1 ½” O.D. capacity. Screw machines include single spindle work cells (Brown& Sharpe) and multi spindle (Davenports). Eberhard has experience in running stainless steel, brass, and other specialty metals.

Single and Multi-Cavity Operations are used by Eberhard to produce handles, hinges, yokes, key cylinders and a variety of other components.  Castings are not as strong as forgings but allow you to produce durable parts that can be formed into parts that provide a nice look and finish.

Composite materials are produced by CCV or CPT- sister companies to Eberhard Manufacturing.
CCV/CPT specializes in manufacturing composite panel systems for a wide variety of applications.  With advanced technologies and processes, our team transforms the industry’s largest range of material options into composite panels assembled to our customer’s specifications.
Panel systems benefits include reduced weight, increased strength, durability, and modular design resulting in a product that decreases fuel costs, increases product life expectancy, and reduces assembly labor time and cost.
As a tier 1 automotive supplier, our composite panels are proven successful in applications such as trailer side walls, floors and doors, truck boxes and enclosures, doors, and shelving.

Autocad-Inventor-FEA Software One of Eberhard’s strongest attributes is our engineering department. We have years of experience to help you with questions that you may have about your hardware applications. Whether you want to make a simple change like the mounting pattern on an existing Eberhard product or you need a custom designed latch, lock, or hinge for your application, Eberhard can help you with it all. The process of designing hardware has changed over the years. Eberhard stays up to date with the latest technology such as 3D and FEA computer software, but we also continue to offer our customers 2D software or PDFs when needed. Eberhard has the capabilities to produce both rapid prototypes and standard prototypes in-house allowing us to turn concepts into reality and meet our customers’ objectives and timelines. Please feel free to contact Eberhard today to get the process started.

Eberhard uses many different assembly work cells to improve our processes and decrease manufacturing time. Eberhard also provides a variety of special packaging options to our customers such as: boxes, bags, returnable containers, or pallets.

Hammer and Press processes are mostly used by Eberhard to produce some components for our customers. Forgings are very strong parts which are excellent to use when you have an application that needs something durable.

Machine sizes range from 7 tons to 1,000 tons that can produce part sizes up to 42”x42”x21”.

Eberhard currently is using the Mazak CO2 Laser (STX 44)-Max work piece size 49.2X49.2”with a maximum cutting feed rate 590 IPM. The laser is used for short-run and prototyping components with capability for carbon and stainless steels. Accurpress press brake-100 ton capacity 6 foot bed length.

Eberhard is a metal stamping company and has years of experience stamping, bending, welding, and plating all types of metals. High speed metal stamping up to 600 Ton capacity with120 strokes/minute. Electro servo feed controlled (accuracy to /- .002”) Experience in running aluminum, stainless, and high strength, low alloy specialty steels with capacity up to 3/8” thick and 18” wide. Complete Tool Room and Progressive Die Design Capability. In house EDM (Charmilles Robofil 290).

Eberhard Engineers have a prototype machine (Fortus 250) that uses ABS material to produce components that can be as big as 8 x 8 x 12" in a process called FDM. (Fused Deposition Modeling) This machine allows Eberhard to quickly produce components to help with new designs and actually see what a part would look like and how it could work with other components. The newest prototype machine (Shown on the table) is now capable of 10 x10 x 12" components.

Mig, Tig and Electrical Resistance (Projection, Spot, Stud) Automated Robotic (OTC) Mig / Plasma Aluminum, carbon and stainless capable Certified welders (C1.1, D1.1, D1.3)

Eberhard manufactures some of the tooling in-house that is used to produce parts for our customers but we also use outside sources to build tooling, one of those is our China facility that manufactures tooling that is then shipped to us in Cleveland. This option reduces the overall tooling costs which can be passed on to our customers.

Don’t see what you need?

We have the expertise to produce one-of-a-kind units and custom engineered products for unique applications. If you don't see what you're looking for here on our Web site or in our product catalog, chances are we can custom-design and manufacture the hardware to meet your unique requirements. Whether it's an existing product that has to be modified to precise specifications, or a unique application for which no product exists, we have the answer.

Don’t see what you need?