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August 15, 2019

The Power of the Switch Lock

We all can recall a scene in an action movie or television show that utilizes the two-step, or two-person rule as a point of climax. Think of when two scientists are on opposite sides of the highly secured room from each other, counting down from "three…two…one" in unison, as both of them must turn a key simultaneously to be able to access a button and therein launch or activate some more significant sequence of events.

The locking system they are utilizing to make this happen is called a switch lock, or key switch. No, switch locks are NOT locks that you can replace in favor of another lock (switching them out), and they are not necessarily locks used for your Nintendo Switch gaming system either. They are locks that have electronic switches that can only be activated by the use of a key.

Eberhard has been an innovator in creating high-security access hardware, such as a variety of switch locks, for years! We offer switch locks in a multitude of finishes, materials, sizes, and for a wide range of usages and industries.

Some of those applications and industries include alarms, ATMs, control panels, electronically accessed doors or gates, heavy power equipment, encryption devices, and of course: automobile and vehicle ignitions! 

Switch locks designed by Eberhard are available with varying connection terminals on their ends, which allow for an assortment of wire harnesses to connect to them. Some of these include solder posts, spade connectors, and screw post connectors. They are also available with different electrical ratings, where amps/voltage will vary depending upon the application. Similar to our cam locks, Eberhard also has switch locks available with a variety of safety ratings- meaning some are resistant to moisture, dust, salt, or extreme temperatures, while others may not be.

If you have read all of this and are now wondering if switch locks are the solution for you, let the experts at Eberhard figure it out with you! You don't need to be launching missiles or securing top-secret, robotic prototypes to need switch locks! With their wide variety of applications and customizable specifications, switch locks could be the perfect high-security access solution you need!

For more information, please reach out to us today and discuss if an electromechanical locking system, like a switch lock, is the best solution to integrate into your products!