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January 21, 2022

Rodeo Cable Lock for Outdoor Equipment [VIDEO]

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Rodeo Lock

Closed Captioning:  Mr. Cerny is finishing up at his job site before heading out for a nice family weekend camping trip. Before he leaves the job site he makes sure to secure all of his important equipment with Eberhard’s Rodeo Cable Lock. A great feature of the Rodeo Cable Lock is Mr. Cerny can use the same key he uses to lock his truck box to lock all of his cable locks. Now that the job site is safe and secure, Mr. Cerny can get ready for his family's camping trip. When preparing for the family camping trip, the Cerny's load up their kayak and bicycles to the car. To make sure they’re safe and secure for the road they lock them up with Rodeo Cable Locks. The Rodeo Cable Lock also comes in handy when securing all the Cerny's camping items. Now they can focus on some outdoor family fun.