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June 18, 2019

Pop It and Lock It

Most folks driving vehicles are familiar with using remote keyless entry to gain access or secure their rides.


You know the technology: it involves a little Key Fob usually attached to a hard copy of your key that you can push to unlock or lock your vehicle doors. It's often accompanied by a short "beep" or "honk" indicating the vehicle has been secured.  Often the remote includes a trunk release and sometimes it even doubles as a tracking device when you forgot where you parked. You know...remote keyless entry.

Even though there are many developments and variations of this technology including apps for your phone and more, none of them have adapted for vehicle aftermarket accessories – think pickup truck caps, tonneaus or toolboxes.

Eberhard offers all the hardware needed to keep a trucks' cap or tonneau completely safe, secure, and easy to access with our Load N Lock power kits and systems. With just a push of a button, you can quickly open the bed of a truck and access tools, a surfboard, or whatever gear you need, just as easily as you can unlock your driver-side door.

With a wide array of custom applications available for all major vehicle beds, caps, and tailgates, no ride is too wild for Eberhard's power kits to handle.

To find out more about our full mechanical and electromechanical locking systems to protect a truck's cap or tonneau, contact us today!