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September 10, 2019

Load N Lock Power Lock Module Guide

Just like some of the team here at ILC, maybe you’re at the age where you can remember a time where you didn’t have to carry so much STUFF with you always. Back then, it seemed all you needed was your keys and wallet, and you could pretty much go anywhere in the world that you wanted, uninterrupted. 

Still, time has continued to march onwards! Pockets have filled up with more gadgets and gizmos than ever before, and not only the amount of STUFF we have to TAKE with us, but the amount of STUFF we have TO DO never seems to end.

But, hey, we get it: you’re busy and have too much to hold as it is. That’s why ILC is proud to offer our Load N Lock Power Lock Module for secure access to your truck or Jeep’s cap or tonneau cover!

This state-of-the-art aftermarket module can integrate with your existing OEM vehicle key fob, so you don’t have any more stuff to carry around with you. Not to mention, you can also snap it on to your existing power adaptable handles and VOILA! Access to your truck or Jeep’s cap or tonneau all from one convenient, fits-in-your-pocket key fob that you already need.

Oh, and what’s that about the amount of stuff you have to do? ILC has your time concerns covered there too.

Installation of the Load N Lock Power Module Kit only takes 28 minutes and requires no special tools for installation. We give you the instructions, cover, wire harnesses, installation hardware, and the module so that you can keep it DIY as you do with so many other projects.

World-renowned brands like TAG, Leer, EGR, Toyota, and Nissan have put their trust in ILC's Load N Lock Power Lock Module for a reason. They know that we’ve been the premier providers of security and access hardware for automotive, vehicle accessories, and outdoor sports applications for over 136 years. 

At ILC, we pride ourselves on being able to take a standard product line, such as the Load N Lock Power Lock Module, and being able to modify and develop it for your unique challenges, because our solutions are more than a product. They are a reflection of your brand and are ultimately a testament to our grit and industry-leading expertise.

If you are interested in finding out how the team at ILC can design a custom-engineered solution for your industry, a product sample, or how the Load N Lock Power Module kit can fit your application, get in touch with us today!