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February 11, 2019

Enjoy the Adventure

Sport racks and outdoor gear – is there to get you to and into the adventure as quickly as possible. Bottom line, if it doesn’t work, then you are losing precious time to enjoy the great outdoors. The last thing you want is to arrive at your event to find you’re missing a piece of crucial hardware or cannot get the latch to work.

Eberhard has been developing engineered access and security hardware for over 89 years. Our locks, latches, and hinges offer an easy step to securing your most valuable tools, equipment, bikes, kayaks, skis, and gear. Here are a few ideas to grind through:

Electronic vs. Mechanical

There are options in your access and security hardware! Tired of fumbling with keys? Need multiple-user access? Want Bluetooth integration? Try installing an electronic cam lock instead of your traditional lock system for accessibility and security. Once we have scoped your application and performance standards, we will quickly design an integrated system to work in your application. Combination locks are never outdated and provide similar benefits but need no power source and are incredibly functional for multi-tasking in different applications. A value solution at its best.

Lock Concealment

There’s nothing worse than losing gear to a locking system exposed to rain, snow, and dust. Utilizing shutters and caps not only keeps them protected but also concealed. Perfect for applications on vehicles, vehicles accessories, sport racks, and outdoor equipment.

Functional and Durable Hardware

Ensuring that your hardware is designed to meet the extremes of the adventure is our main goal. The haptics, corrosion resistance, cycle Life and ultimate loading are examples of what we design into our solutions for you. This extends way, way, way past the key and the lock. We think about how your end-user will engage your design and how our product must be the relay between your quality promise and brand equity.