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February 28, 2022

*NEW* Electric Rotary Latch Explained [VIDEO]

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T-17241 Electronic Rotary Latch

Closed Captioning:  The Eberhard T-17241 series electronic rotary latch is the newest member of our electronic rotary family. There are many great features of the e-rotary latch, starting with its small, compact, durable design. Made with steel with a zinc finish on the housing, and fluorocarbon coating on the single-stage latching components to provide lubricity, the wide operating temperature range makes it a great latch for various climate applications. The latch has two mounting holes, which allows the latch to be mounted using either M6 x 1 or 1/4'' - 20 bolts, and is designed to be used with a 3/8'' striker. Other great features of this latch include the internal spring plunger, which will help push up the striker pin away from the rotary latch once the rotary pawl is open. There is also a manual release lever, a Molex microfit 6-pin connector for easy installation, and a feedback relay that advises if the latch is open or closed. It's also important to mention the three methods of activating the latch. One, if the latch is closed, you need to power on for at least two seconds to unlatch. Two, using an existing control system to send a 12v signal to the signal wire if the latch is powered on all the time. Or three, activating via the i-Lock Blue Bluetooth app is the latch is powered on all of the time. Some of the potential applications include kiosks, smart lockers, automotive, medical, EV charging stations, and many more. Contact Eberhard today to get in touch with one of our industry experts to discuss how we can electrify your application.