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January 18, 2022

Blue Origin iLock Explainer [VIDEO]

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Closed Captioning: Meet Tammy, she loves having a truck with lots of storage space. After shopping for some gear, Tammy's hands are full holding a bunch of stuff. Tammy is frustrated, as she can't easily access her keys and her truck canopy is locked. Does she have to put everything down and search for her keys? Not Tammy. That's because Tammy's canopy has ILC's Bue Lock. The Blue Lock technology pairs Tammy's phone with the ILC Blue Origin which controls actuators at three entry points. When Tammy is within proximity of the canopy the Blue Lock enabled actuators are activated. Tammy can simply push the button, pop the window, and unload her stuff. Tammy is ready to rock and roll. Learn more about how ILC's Blue Origin can be configured to make vehicle accessories more accessible.