What's New

February 21, 2019

Adding Value to Your Application

We do two things – Engineer and Manufacture. Our goal is to design and build integrated access systems for your application by solving the unique design challenges you face. We live for it and we work for it. But just because it’s work doesn’t mean it ain’t fun! Designing solutions for vehicles, vehicle accessories and outdoor equipment is our tea.

Through our work with multiple OEM’s and tier partners, we’ve developed a line of vehicle accessories to maximize aesthetics and functionality on the road. Adding value to your vehicle is a benefit for all of us.

Tonneau Cover

Add an electro-mechanical locking tonneau cover to separate yourself from the other trucks on the road. Our tonneau covers offer customizable latch and accessibility options, so request a sample today to see what best suits you!

Sport Racks

These racks feature core-removable lock technology extend into remote actuation and wireless capabilities. Built for rear mounts and rooftop mounting, you can fortify your rig to host skis, surfboards, bikes, and more.

Our engineered access systems include roof rail adapters for cargo boxes, push and slam latch systems for toolboxes, and different handle styles for truck cap applications. Providing the OE and the consumer to run multiple options for their ride. If you’re a manufacturer on the search for exceptional lock systems, contact our team for samples today!