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January 01, 2018

Stainless Steel- Strong & Versatile

Stainless steel has earned a strong (no pun intended) reputation over the years. Stainless steel products are very versatile – they are used in almost every type of building because of their strength and durability. Stainless steel products are used to build apartments, homes, schools, offices, skyscrapers, malls, industrial buildings, and hospitals, to name a few.

Stainless steel products are also used to make various household appliances, such as cookware, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, cutlery, and other household items. Stainless steel is even used to make items that are more for pleasure rather than to serve an essential function, such as jewelry or art. Stainless steel is so reliable that it is also used in manufacturing heavy machinery, enclosures, and surgical tools.

Resistance to Moisture and Durability

Stainless steel is desired over other types of steel for a variety of reasons. It does not easily erode, rust, stain, or deteriorate when exposed to moisture. Stainless steel is also considered a good metal for heat safety, as it does not conduct heat as much as other metals, making it ideal for electrical components. Another benefit of using stainless steel is that it can be recycled into something new when that time comes. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to acid.

If you have a product that is constantly exposed to wet conditions, such as blades on a tractor in a tropical climate, it is best to use stainless steel because it does not lose its durability when frequently exposed to moisture. Many industrial products are composed of stainless steel for this very reason. Industrial products require longevity and strength, so stainless steel is the most widely used metal among leading manufacturers in several different industries.

Transportation Devices

Stainless steel products are used to manufacture many transportation devices, including general vehicles, off-highway vehicles, large trucks and utility vehicles, railway cars, personal boats, barges, shipping freightliners, small and commercial-sized aircraft, and military transportation, among others.

Stainless steel products are also used in the wastewater treatment industry. Water treatment plants use stainless steel products because of their resistance to rust and corrosion. Other industries and manufacturers that use stainless steel products include wind turbine manufacturers that require protective shields for electrical components, oil drilling companies, and power generation companies. Overall, stainless steel products are highly useful and desirable in almost every industry and setting in the world.

Industrial hardware products are a must-have in several industries. For example, the automotive industry relies heavily on industrial-grade hardware products to ensure customer satisfaction and the overall safety, reliability and durability of their products. Some key industrial hardware products include the following:

  • Variety of bus hardware (such as electric door controls)
  • Cam type door locks
  • D-rings
  • Door holdbacks
  • Passenger restraints
  • Footman loops
  • Gas springs
  • Gaskets
  • Gate hardware
  • Grab handles
  • T-handles
  • Handles
  • Hinges
  • Hooks
  • Push buttons
  • Key cylinders
  • Quarter turns
  • Rods and adapters
  • Rotaries and strikers
  • Seats or ladder brackets
  • Slam bolts
  • Steps
  • Tie downs
  • Power locking
  • Vents
  • Fans
  • Covers

There are several types of latches available for standard industrial hardware products, such as codeable latches, pull latches , paddle latches, draw latches, trigger latches, and gravity latches. Each one of these components play a vital role in ensuring that the product being built is of the utmost quality. Such latches are frequently used for truck service bodies, buses, trailers, van bodies, off-highway vehicles, generators, marine products, enclosures, and military vehicles.


Stainless Steel: The Ideal Metal for Industrial Hardware Products

Industrial hardware products are usually composed of one or two types of steel. The most frequently used steel for industrial hardware products is stainless steel. Stainless steel gives industrial hardware products a longer life due to its durable nature.

Stainless steel enables industrial hardware products to survive without experiencing erosion, corrosion, rust, or staining because of its resistance to wet, humid, and acidic air conditions. Thus, stainless steel is ideal for manufacturing outdoor industrial hardware products, such as the handles on car doors or brackets or bolts that are exposed on any vehicle, enclosure, bridge, or gate.


When Using Carbon Steel Makes More Sense

While stainless steel industrial hardware products are very popular, there is another metal that is commonly used when manufacturing industrial hardware products: carbon steel. Carbon steel, while highly useful, can rust and corrode and is more brittle than stainless steel. However, carbon steel is stronger, does not scratch like stainless steel, and has a longer overall life compared to stainless steel.

Carbon steel industrial hardware products are highly useful for any application that does not receive excessive exposure to moisture or acidic environments. For example, carbon steel industrial hardware products are ideal for using when securing the “skeleton” of the product or structure being manufactured. This could include using the carbon steel for a key ring cylinder since it is not exposed. The carbon steel will make the key ring cylinder last longer despite frequent use.

Overall, the uses for industrial hardware products are seemingly limitless. They are key components of several items that you use day to day. Industrial hardware products made of stainless steel and carbon steel ensure the safety and reliability of the products you manufacture.