Sudhaus Gravity Latch

Heavy Duty Locking Gravity Gate Latch

No matter what the application, if you’re using a latch, you want to make sure the contents of a garbage can or waste receptacle being held in by the latch are fully protected. Unfortunately, not all latches are as secure as you might expect. That’s not the case when you choose a gravity latch from Eberhard.

A gravity lock allows your container to stay closed, even if it is tipped over by accident. This type of latch prevents the contents from spilling out, and it can prevent animals from getting into your container. The design allows the latch to open only when it is turned to a certain degree, which only happens when the waste hauling vehicle comes, lifts up the can, and then tilts it to dump out the contents.

The original gravity latch designed by Sudhaus of Germany

No one does a gravity lock like Sudhaus of Germany, which is why we offer their latches in our product line. Gravity latch components are made of plastic and steel parts that are plated with a zinc finish, allowing the latches to withstand even the toughest applications.

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See how the system works at:

locking waste can

1-SD2300 series

Kit includes: Gravity latch, screws, hook, and lock. Key is removable in two positions.

garbage can lock

SD2300 Series - Locking Trash Can

Kit includes: Gravity latch, screws, hook, and lock. Key is removable in one position.

SD2303 Series

4 wheel cart latch.