Eclipse Series

This series of latches is produced with UV stabilized thermoplastic and stainless steel components, great for the most extreme applications that deal with water such as boats, campers, trailers, or outdoor containers. This series offers a paddle latch, lift-n-turn, handle, squeeze latch, pull ring, or paddle rotary designs depending on what you application needs. All latches come in a black finish, are water resistant, and stainless steel stampings.

130 Series

Pull ring with slam bolt on side.

230 Series

Squeeze latch with slam bolt on side.

430 Series

Push latch with slam bolt on side.

530 Series


630 Series


730 Series

Paddle latch with slam bolt on side.

740 Series

Paddle latch with hook on side.

750 Series

Paddle rotary that uses a .38" dia striker pin.

830 Series

Lift-n-turn assembly with rubber grommet design.