Draw Latches

Choose a Plastic Draw Latch, Heavy Duty Draw Latch, Adjustable Draw Latch and More

If you are looking for a heavy duty draw latch, you’ve come to the right place! Eberhard manufactures many different styles and sizes of draw latches. Some are produced with metal stampings, while others are made of rubber, plastic, or die cast materials. Choose a:

  • Rotary draw latch
  • Adjustable draw latch
  • Plastic draw latch
  • Heavy Duty Latches
  • Rubber draw latches
  • Over center draw latch
  • Stainless steel draw latch
  • Lockable draw latch
  • Small draw latch
  • And more

A tension latch for any application

We’re your hardware experts, so we can definitely help you with your latch needs. Draw latches work great in applications that need to have some variations in alignment, but a tight seal is still needed. We offer parts with a key-locking version, while other products offer a padlock loop that can be used to secure your items. If durability is a concern, choose a heavy duty draw latch. If you have a more informal application, choose one of our plastic latches.
Here at Eberhard, there are many latch products to choose from, and our catalog is always growing. That’s because we regularly work with customers just like you to design custom hardware. From plastic draw latches to oversized metal latches, our engineering and design department has what it takes to provide you with a latch that fits your particular application.

Start by browsing our catalog. Then, contact us about placing your order!

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