Product Listing


Product No. 1T-19400-50M

Overall size 6.16" x 1.81". Mounting holes .39" dia.

Product Variations

1-837-507K-BX36-04 Key-locking trigger latch with chrome finish and adjustable bolt.  ***Less mounting bracket. View Drawing
1-9611 Grab handle with 3" grab area, 1" height, .297" dia mounting holes. View Drawing
16985 Two way directional vent assembly with raise lip and wear pads. View Drawing
1T-19400-50M Striker plate with tall nut, zinc plated. View Drawing
2-22000-LCR Die cast paddle latch, multi-point, chrome finish, blind mounting. Right hand. View Drawing
2T-400-52-65 Striker pin with T-50 size lobe head, 7/16-14 threads, zinc plated, .55" dia. View Drawing
3-3603-SS-10 Single-pont, non-locking paddle latch with slam bolt, four .20" dia moutning holes. View Drawing
3-4300 Steel grab handle less mounting holes. View Drawing
4300-25 Steel grab handle with four .218 dia countersunk holes.Zinc finish. View Drawing
836-507K-42 Key-locking trigger latch with adjustable bolt. Black finish. View Drawing