Product No. 18430-202R-31


Key cylinder J202 installed with gasket, mounting bracket also included.

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Price: $32.10

Other Variations

Three point folding t-handle with large roller cam, moutning bracket, gasket, rod adaptors.  Chrome finish.

Three-point folding t-handle with large roller, extended grip range, chrome plated handle and receptacle. Right hand rotation.

T-handle rotary, non-locking, right hand rotation, four mounting holes, polished stainless steel receptacle.

Multi point Whale Tail t-handle, non-locking, black receptacle and handle, right hand rotation.

Two-point Whale Tail t-handle less key cylinder, right hand rotation, Black receptacle, Chrome handle.

Three point folding t-handle assemlby with extra large 3rd point,  key locking with key #501.

Single point folding t-handle assembly, zinc plated.

Two-point t-handle, chrome handle and black receptacle, less key cylinder, right hand rotartion. Includes gasket and mounting bracket.

Single point Whale Tail t-handle with all chrome finish, left hand rotation, less key plug.

Whale Tail t-handle with all chrome finish and handle, black powder coat on receptacle, right hand rotation, less key plug.

Two-point t-handle less key cylinder, chrome finish, right hand rotation.

Three-point t-handle less key cylinder, left hand rotation, black receptacle, chrome handle.

Stainless steel folding t-handle, key-locking with key # 508XT, mounting studs, gasket, key-cylinder cover.

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